Mercedes-Benz Reveals Heavy-Duty Electric Trucks

March 6th, 2018 by

Electric Trucks

The Trucking Industry Just Became More Fuel-Efficient Thanks to Mercedes-Benz

Electric vehicles are becoming more and more popular with Haverhill and Lawrence MA consumers. This is especially true for vehicle that are able to be used in business situations. Thanks to Mercedes-Benz, there is another model coming out that will be able to help the small business owner.

Mercedes-Benz is now distributing an electric heavy-duty truck for consumers. This is called the Mercedes-Benz eActros. This vehicle comes in two different weights. The variants are between an 18 ton and a 25 ton vehicle. They differ between a two-axle variant and a three-axle variant.

​These vehicles were built with the thoughts of inner city goods transport and delivery services

These vehicles were built with the thoughts of inner city goods transport and delivery services. That means that companies can now purchase a fuel efficient vehicle to make their short range deliveries with. This new innovative by Mercedes-Benz is another step toward limiting the carbon footprint of transportation services. At the end of the day, if an Andover or Methuen company does not have to pay for gas they may be saving money. Aside from money, they will also not be contributing to city smog.

The heavy-duty electric truck is powered by two electric motors that are located near the rear-axle wheel hubs. In terms of capability, this truck will allow Newburyport customers and customers beyond to travel about 125 miles in range. The vehicle can be charged from about three to 11 hours. These six wheel vehicles are an ideal choice for drivers looking to maximize their profit making abilities while also reducing their emissions.

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